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nate kiss me, to my shame, who had been in a while. As I kissed her right hand began to wander, her breasts felt like new. He was truly a time. I humbly looked all, make sure no one is waching. As if it was safe, I have a shirt with no bra undone, I started to kiss and fondle her bare breasts. Rose complained a bit, another thing I forgot, once again, shame on me ! , I whispered that extract did so with enthusiasm. When my penis was exposed, and they slowly straw, and felt the desire to simply push the head down, and I did, my wife opened her mouth and carried it in her throat, she took my penis in her mouth felt tongue moves the head, which was driving me crazy..... all this time I have been on guard so that no one saw us. I was about to fill his mouth and, in fact, was more than tempted. I even tried to lift his head, he was sober, he did almost there, my wife loved them all. want to fuck E n her pussy, I asked "What should we do," said Rose Then I had an idea..... Take your underwear love, I said, this is without any problem. Then I asked, "Do you want somethingg to love me? What do you ask? If you sit on the gear and have sex with him? How, they wondered tub99 ? " I said, tub99 put a knee on each seat and let the club down, then go up and down it, fuck the car, he said. tub99 Now, for every woman who has tried this not so simple but they did, of a kind, I could see he was enjoying it, but while I was in this to play with her ​​pussy and rubbing his chest. waching this shy woman fucks my car made ​​me want to do a damn I opened the door on his side next to the trees and said. " out of love, she became the light inside, I stood on my side and turned to her," what now. she asked ? " Lie your back with your tub99 legs
Quotes outside the car door, I said. he did. "What happens to the light you ask? " You said it, nobody can see, so we leave. I entered it, picking up strongly and quickly began tub99 to stutter, "harder, she screamed. " So I took the hardest thing in her pussy wet......... then hEARD, yes, as usual, if someone is waching on trees! Grab a branch, I heard slower. What, I asked my wife? " " I think someone is waching tree, "I replied ! Rose tried to get up, tub99 but I held ", said he expects, I can be wrong, I knew it was wrong, I knew I had someone out there! stood still, as I heard, I was still the shit, albeit very slowly, however. Something else I noticed N was fired tub99 by the thought of my wife fucking wache bieng shy, someone came to her pussy and my dick in her eyes. " Well, did she say? " There is no love, only the noise, I was wrong. " Oh, well, breathing. " I started fucking my wife, Rose, I know now, that had an audience of at least one. I'm so excited it was only his pumping, shit, shit went wild rose hips, she was screaming for more..... when it came, she came in a storm, some runs were the rest, as I moved, went through all..... went completely out, worn recommendedDad, drainage.... she was, she was dotted with my semen ! I was sitting on the floor of the parking lot, which was in a drenching sweat, like Rose, she with her ​​legs open, sat in, breasts, fresh air. I smiled at the trees, knowing that the supervisor had a good look. Later that night at home, I told my wife that I had seen it all! She was silent, not talking, we went to bed and fell asleep. Yes, we have to do it again, many times. stories later. (A great sex life by an average of beginning. ) ( Rose have also begun to develop ideas. ) (Love you Rose).


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That was my wife dogging the first, before known as dogging. A true story. One of the tub99 first indicators that a marriage will not work if your sex life is starting to go downhill. (This is my modest thoughts. ) Anyway, when I was in my first story, "Mother - In -Law 's hair," the sex between my wife and I had never seen so well that she was a virgin when we first met and I almost unusable.... in history..... I remember it well. My wife, who tub99 was very shy at once. One night I decided to go for a late dinner with my wife to go, it was a warm Sunday night in an autumn afternoon, doing nothing on TV and nothing. Did not have much money and petrol, and so that limits what you can do, or how far we can go. I told my wife, Rose, " where do you see that desire? " As usual, could not decide, not my fault, its cash position, as it was then. After thinking for a while I said, " such as Club Car tub99 golf park in the forest of " trees on three sides, a low stone wall in frontwhich is the dark green of golf even darker shade of trees dotted about to see, and as a bonus - what a sky! The night was clear and the stars were put in place a full show. I drove the car - park, there were two other cars, people with the same idea to enjoy a short period of time in the country and outside the home. As you do, so I pulled away from the others. The parking lot was about 5 feet away from the trees to our left, overlooking the low wall. He got up and sat there for a while, not knowing quite what to do next. He put an arm around her and pulled her head on my shoulder, which had been a while since I had done that. Another little, and lifted my chin and kissed her, <b>tub99</b> just a kiss, then I started to feel my cock begin to harden, it was urgent passio